Terrest Timeline

Current Year is 398 EK (Eight Kingdom reckoning)

Year 1
  • Founding of Eight Kingdoms from over the sea.

    Eight human clans, led by a ruling class of royal families settle the area between the Fordun Wood and the Pyrann Mountains.

Year 56
  • The Tambor Schism

    Religious dispute errupts within the Eight Kingdoms. The Heirarch of Alda (High Priest) arbitrates peaceful settlement. Cara and Ordja excluded from official pantheon.

Year 61
  • The Schism War

    Religious persecution of followers of Cara and Ordja leads to war. The island of Tambor is sacked. The Cardone and Ord families flee west. The Yulven priesthood takes over control of island of Tambor.

Year 68
  • Founding of the city of Darabond

    The independent city of Darabond was built on the island of Alvanta, within the Alda river. Council chambers were built to house the Council of Eight. Eighth kingdom (Tambor) not represented, the seat is filled by the Hierarch of Alda in their stead.

Year 91
  • 1st Orc War

    Karzolok, Kingdom of Dwarves in southern Pyrann Mountains, begins battles with orcs invading mountains from the east. Selene comes to Karzolok’s aid. In retribution, the Selene capitol Celsea is placed under siege for 4 months. Eventually, the Council of Eight creates an army from amoungst its members to releive Celsea. This army is led by an elite division of Aldan avengers named “The Aldan Gauntlet” or simply “The Gauntlet”. The orcs are repelled from Selene and Karzolok.

Year 118
  • The Gauntlet named Eight Kingdoms Police

    Years of rising unrest in the Eight Kingdoms due to drought cause the widening of the mandate for “The Gauntlet” paramilitary group to widen to include policing Eight Kingdoms territories in the name of the Council. Rumors begin to circulate that “The Gauntlet” answers to the Hierarch of Alda, not the Council of Eight.

Year 149
  • The Heretic War

    Renegade priests of the Raven Queen (God of the Dead) attempt to take over the Kingdom of Kyrie. Blame is pointed to spies of the Elven Kingdom of Cyranta. The army of the Eight Kingdoms, led again by “The Gauntlet” restores the Kyre house to the throne of Kyrie. Clashes between the Eight Kingdoms army and the elves of Cyranta continue for 6 years.

Year 163
  • The Dragonborn Immigration

    Several clans of Dragonborn arrive from the northern Aenast Mountains. Lantane is the least populous of the Eight Kingdoms, and welcomes the newcomers. The Hierarch of Alda tries to raise the Council of Eight against the Dragonborn, since they do not worship gods from the Eight Kingdoms pantheon. However, growing fear of the power of The Gauntlet, and the Hierarch himself, cause the church to have its first setback.

Year 188
  • The 2nd Orc War

    A large wave of Orcs, lead by a large clan of Ogres, invades Selene. The Dwarves of the Pyrann Mountains are forced to close their doors to seal their fortress. The invasion conquers all of Selene, and half of Hentia up to the Cereten Road. The capitol of Hentia, Cereten, is burned to the ground.

Year 190
  • The 2nd Orc War Continued

    Darabond is threatened by western push of the Orc hoard. A company of Dragonborn from Lantane delays the Orcs until reinforcements can protect the city. The Hierarch of Alda is forced to publicly apologize to the Dragonborn for past prejudices. Dragonborn can now move freely about the Eight Kingdoms without fear.

Year 192
  • The 2nd Orc War Continued

    The Dwarves of Karzolok counter-attack, having dug secret tunnels away from the sieging Orcs. Dwarves break supply line to the Orc occupying force in Hentia. Battle of the 4 Armies takes place in the Tallaur Veld (Eight Kingdoms, Dragonborn, Dwarves, and Orc). One month later, the Battle of Nyrellen takes place outside the walls of the capitol of Aldanaria. Army of Orcs finally broken.

Year 220
  • Marriage of Crown Prince Varrian of Kyrie to Princess Keyleth of the Elven Kingdom of the Fordun Wood. Hierarch of Alda leads Council of Eight to appose the union, and declare that the Elves have designs on conquering Kyrie. Clash between Elves and Eight Kingdoms army near Tryst. Prince Varrian abandons claim on throne and flees to the Fordun.
Year 261
  • The Fordun War

    The Eight Kingdoms invade the Fordun Wood. The wizard cadre of the Elves opens a portal to the Feywild, pleading for reinforcements. Several clans of Eladrin and Gnomes enter the Fordun to support the Elven Kingdom. Battle of Mithree Lake. Barrian, son of Varrian and Keyleth is killed in battle. Truce called, due to Dragonborn withdrawal of support of the Eight Kingdoms army. Some Eladrin and Gnomes choose to remain within the Fordun Wood.

Year 293
  • The War of the Merchant Prince

    Prince Zarric of Zamour takes control of the Zamour military and attempts to control all commerce in the Gate Sea. Using his wealth to hire other mercenary armies, including a goblin horde in the eastern Aenast Mountains, he is able to distract the other kingdoms from his activities for many years.


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